Thursday, March 23, 2006

WoW creeping further into the mainstream

This hilarious wired article:Wired 14.04: You Play World of Warcraft? You're Hired! is a great example of how virtual worlds, one specifically, are heralding the destruction of humanity as we know it.
Thankfully 2 of my very good friends: tommy sh'oaks and hubris are at the forefront, (tommy "buyin it," hubris "sellin it"). Ahh well, time to level up my rogue and see if it gets me a promotion.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Too far gone

Is anyone else concerned that, with each passing day, the liklihood of Iraq working in the Republicans' favor in the midterms is actually increasing? I'm not sure I buy this myself, but if we accept the following, it looks ominous.
1) The situation in Iraq, and the Middle-East in general, is getting worse daily;
2) The Democrats' biggest political weakness is still their inability to define a clear alternative message;
3) Whatever solution there may be to the problems in the Middle-East will not be easily encapsulated in a dramatic sound byte.
Even if the Democrats manage to come up with good candidates around the country this year, and even if there is 80% dissatisfaction with the Republican handling of the war, national security, and general domestic policy, I still think we're going to fall victim to the "Well, you don't know how to fix it either" strategy.