Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Patriot Act: Revenge of Ohio: UPDATED

Turns out that the following information is incorrect: The ACLU of Ohio mischaracterized the act as it was written, and it is not as broad or sweeping as the article and my initial post conveyed. I apologize for not reading the act myself and trusting the mainstream media so easily. I should know to be more careful after they helped sue my high school for having the Jewish holidays off, a case advanced by Muslim families in the Sycamore district, back around 1999 or 2000.
Here's a link:
It is an article on our fine state's proposed bill, now on the governor's desk, (Taft, a descendent of America's PHATEST president ever, also convicted of ethics violations while in office recently), which is designed to keep Ohio residents even safer from all the terrorists walking on the streets!

The Ohio Patriot Act will allow police to arrest and detain anybody who refuses to provide identification, a name, address, and birthdate, if I have this right. That will of course allow the police to keep us very safe indeed should we find ourselves in public and Officer Smiley doesn't like the way we look or feels we are otherwise suspicious and non-cooperative. This is if our upstanding executive decides not to veto the bill. I hope none of the state legislators offered him a game of free golf if he lets the bill through without trouble.

Are you more afraid of citizens who like wild west shootouts in streets if they feel threatened, or police who like arresting people who shout too loudly at protests or wear ugly t-shirts?