Saturday, January 21, 2006

snakes on a plane!

Hey guys,

This is a rather inane post to follow Clark's more insightful one (sidenote: Clark, not bad for eleven minutes. I would hire you as a speechwriter...)... anyway, I have to ask: have you heard of this movie "Snakes on a Plane"? It pretty much is what it advertises, plus Samuel L. Jackson. It comes out in August, and it already has a huge cult following. There's no official trailer yet, but a lot of fan art... visit

I'm excited!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Five better ways: A challenge to myself...

... though you're all invited to come along for the ride.

Last night (and by which I mean January the 17th in the year two thousand and six) I was watching the Daily Show (and by which I mean the last reputable news outlet on cable) and I had the opportunity to see a clip from Senator Clinton's speech onMartin Luther King Day. Not that it needs much rehashing, but in case you didn't see any of the replays, she chose the occasion to compare the Republican controlled House of Representatives to a plantation. I am neither African-American, descended from a plantation-owning Southern family, a Republican, nor a member of the House of Representatives, so I can safely say that I'm outside the group of people who ought to be offended by the Senator's comments. Thus, the purpose of this post is not to outline the myriad ways in which people could or should be shocked and horrified--I'll leave that to others.

Instead, I've challenged myself to take five minutes and come up with five better ways to link the legacy of Dr. King, the history of racial inequality in this country, and the inept (and perhaps corrupt) Republican congressional leadership. Oh, and I'll do it all without making the hypothetical speaker sound like a fool.

Time - 11:16 PM
1. There have been times in this country when the leadership has not always done the right thing. In these times it took courage and determination to stand up and say "No." It took courage to make the voice of the people heard in the halls of power.
2. Looking back at the legacy of Dr. King I cannot help but be confronted by the terrible difference between the leadership he showed and the leadership we have now in Congress.
3. The Republican party may have been the party of Lincoln, but they are not his party anymore. Where, now, are leaders with the moral courage to stand up for justice, to stand up for racial equality, to stand up for progress and change? On this day I ask where are the leaders who can carry on the legacy of Dr. King?
4. It has been nearly 40 years since the death of Dr. King. In those years we have done much, but there is still so much to do. Instead, the Congress is tied up in scandal and war and desperately trying to point the finger somewhere else. We don't need the Republican leadership to find someone to blame, we need them to find someone to lead. If they can't do that, we need them to step aside.
5. Dr. King taught us that to bring about change in our world we must have courage, dignity, and character. Now, perhaps more than at any time since his passing we have need of those qualities once again.
Time - 11:27 PM

Ok, so it took 11 minutes, and they're not great. But on the whole I think they're a bit better than the alternative.

Back from the dead

Wow. What a difference a couple months makes... or something to that effect. First off I'd like to apologize to everyone (although I realize even as I type it that it may be a bit presumptuous of me to do so) for being awol for a while now. For the moment, let's pass it off as a period of deep introspection. (If there's great interest, I'll post a comment.) At any rate, I've emerged out the other side with a new career plan. Rather than dazzling the masses with my artistic creations as a filmmaker I've opted to confound and befuddle the masses with my.. with my... something... with my extraordinary command of the English language as a professional political type.. person.. whatever.


At any rate, I'll be back and posting. I see that it's been nearly a month since anyone else has done so, and I hope you all haven't left just yet. I mean, the party's just getting started. Or was that post from last month as well?