Thursday, September 22, 2005

Via Rigorous Intuition

We all trust our fearless leader, W, do we not? As noted in the Rigorous Intuition blog, we all have faith in our elected government. [Of course, he's a Canadian. Can we trust Canadians these days?]. We can be confident that there is a good reason for Fearless Leader waiving economic sanctions for Saudi Arabia for fighting the international sex trade and trafficking in women. Do you think slavery is dead? Google some terms such as slavery, Sudan, east Africa, etcetera.

I want a stout. I haven't had a beer all week and haven't been in a decent bar in more than twice that time.

There is another article today from University of Toronto research indicating that those with impaired emotional abilities, aka psychopaths, may be better at financial work such as stock trading than those of us who take fewer risks in investments and such. They lack "risk myopia," where we avoid short-term risks even when justified by long-term gains. So the article says. Of more interest to me is that it also briefly states that "top lawyers" also are more likely to benefit from this state of psychosis. More fodder for the cynicism about the direction my life has taken. Link to article follows. Can somebody tell me how to do an html hyperlink?


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