Sunday, September 04, 2005

Opening Post

Well, like that guy from the Onion a few weeks ago, I finally decided to enter the blogosphere (which I still feel silly saying, even in my head). Virtually every ex-Brighton type with whom I've spoken over the past few years has waxed nostalgic (if only briefly) for the particular brand of intellectual repartee we had there. As such, it seems altogether fitting and proper that we take advantage of the blogosph--no... the opportunities afforded by the digital age to once again rant, rave, bicker, spout off, and possibly even agree on the most important subjects of the day.

I don't have contact info for everyone (nor do I even have a mental list of who the aforementioned "everyone" might be), so please help me find people who ought to be here, and perhaps a few others as well. The blogosphere won't know what hit it.

(Ed Note: Now that it's out of my system, I hope never to use that word again.)


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